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About Sagacious Kennel

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: having or showing an ability to understand difficult ideas, situations and to make sound decisions. Keen senses, perception, and judgment.

Sagacious Kennel is the result of a passion for using a retriever while hunting upland game birds and waterfowl. It started when an eighth grade kid was in his farmhouse bedroom in Oregon. While reading the most current issue of "Outdoor Life", an article just came to life. A guy was jump shooting ducks in the "potholes" area in Washington. He had a black Labrador retriever with him and every time he'd describe the dog recovering the duck he's shot, I was drawn right into the story. I had to get one of those dogs. I then moved to the classified section and found an advertisement for lab puppies. I sent a request for information but was not prepared for what was to come. I received a reply which included a picture of a lab puppy holding a live pigeon in its mouth. I couldn't believe it. I became so excited and guess what….the pup was yellow. I thought labs were black. At that moment I decided that I just had to get one. I did but it took quite a while.

Nineteen years later I found myself in a position within my life that I was able to properly own, train and enjoy that little yellow lab pup. Since then I've gained a bit of knowledge, had some successes and learned some things the hard way. Life has been a good teacher. Sharing life with my family includes a Labrador retriever….or three!

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