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Hope Labrador Retriever


Hope's Pedigree Link

11/13/2001 - 1/2/2015

It is with a heavy heart, much sorrow and sadness not previously encountered that I inform you that Hope is no longer with us.

She came into Nora's and my life on 1/2/2002. On a plane from Wisconsin sent to fulfill the hopes and the dreams of a boy of many years before. She did so much more than that. She filled a space, she provided a purpose and she proved that it was possible to have what you wished for. Wished for if you had hope. She became the matriarch of Sagacious Kennel.

I was nervous, I was anxious, I was thrilled as I waited at the cargo counter for her to arrive. I had the check for air shipment made out. I saw the train of cargo wagons enter the building. One of them had a little purple dog crate on it. It had to be her. I handed the check to Nora and asked if she would do the paperwork as they set the crate on the counter. I looked inside to see a little yellow face looking out and Oh no! she was trembling. My fears surfaced. I opened the door, grabbed the pup and spread cedar chips all over the counter as I pulled her to me. Out the door we went. In the parking lot there was a grass area between the curb and the street. I set her down hoping she was alright. She made a couple of steps to the left and pee'd then stepped to the right and dumped. All of a sudden she jumped in the air, did a 180 and dashed to the end of the grass turned and raced back to the other end. I exhaled so much air. My face still hurts when I think about how big my smile was at that time. Everything was alright.

The truth is things were never better. She got better. I got better. We got better. But things were never better than that first night. It was a dream come true.

I learned that that athletic pup was so intelligent and so pliable, that she just knew what I wanted (often before I said it), she made it so easy. Trials, tests, litters, coast to coast, past the border, to the horizon, past the future she and I were at times one. That's a feeling I have only wished and hoped for all of my life. My sadness seems a bit selfish.

I have a saying: "It's not wishful thinking as long as I have Hope!"

Hope Labrador Retriever Hope Labrador Retriever
Hope Labrador Retriever Hope Labrador Retriever
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